We have a PASSION for entrepreneurs

We have a PASSION for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Financial Centre (EFC) is a deposit taking Micro Finance Institution licensed and regulated by the Bank of Zambia. EFC was founded with the intent to provide working capital solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), with a focus on product innovation tailored to meet client's needs.

At EFC, we believe that access to finance plays an important role in business growth. We are passionate about wealth creation and developing the private sector by increasing access to specialized financial services in Zambia. We aim to reinvent Micro-Finance by offering flexible terms and creating unique opportunities for our clients.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission statements are relevant and inspiring. By 2020, EFC Zambia will be the preferred financial institution for around 10,000 of MSMEs working in diverse sectors of the economy, providing them with access to funding adopted to their needs. We will continue to explore new markets/segments and re-enforce our position in the "Missing Middle segment" by doubling our balance sheet in the next three years

Our Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework

This framework sets out the structure of how we operate. It defines our business model, our vision as well as the strategic priorities.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values Our Values

Our History

Our Brief History

EFC enjoys a very rich and strong history of experience for successfully managing transformations. We will leverage this experience to influence business development and growth in the private sector.

Our Investors

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