The Client Share Ownership Program (CSOP)

The Client Share Ownership Program (CSOP) allows the borrowing clients to become part owners of EFC, a first in the Zambian microfinance sector. Borrowers with a good repayment history are eligible to receive an incentive based on the amount of interest they have paid; a portion is re-invested into EFC.

How it works

The CSOP is a scheme only and exclusively fueled by EFC borrowing client's incentive mechanism. The eligible borrower receives back 10% of the total interest paid, they then select their incentive from four options.

As an added incentive, EFC contributes an incremental bonus on the amount invested by the borrower into CSOP, this means the more the borrower invests into CSOP the larger the total value of the incentive.

Eligibility Criteria

EFC will pay an incentive to any of its borrowers who repay their loans as agreed if they accumulated no more than two late periods of less than ten days, consecutive or not, over the initial contractually agreed period.

The incentive will only be paid to the client upon full payment of the loan and after validation of their credit record, in accordance with the guidelines of EFC CSOP. Terms and conditions apply.

Incentive for the EFC Client
Type of CSOP Plan % Transfered to CSOP Total Value of the Incentive
Gold 100% 13.000%
Silver 75% 11.875%
Bronze 50% 11.000%
Basic 25% 10.375%
* Information on interest rate, fees and conditions is available in EFC Branches


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