EFC Smart Cards

Who says that microfinance must be associated with obsolete technological tools?

“EFC, Taking Microfinance Technology to the Next Step.”

Committed to offer its clients efficient and secured financial services, EFC has invested considerable amounts of resources to establish a business environment that makes technology friendly for many clients.


The ever-increasing efficiency in transactions and loan requests are only one of the many advantages having a direct impact on EFC’s clients. Efficiency in core operations results in a higher satisfaction of clients, a major concern for EFC’s team, which gives it a stronger position in the market. By doing so EFC has continued to redefine service offerings’ standards in the microfinance market. Another benefit for clients that remains a centerpiece of EFC’s daily operations is security. EFC’s computerized environment ensures clients’ personal information integrity and highly limits the risks of fraud and thefts. For EFC, a secure environment is an overall strategy and a standard for future deployment of advanced financial tools that will reinforce the institution’s competitiveness. The latest of these tools is the Identification Card (ID Card) also known as the Smart Card.


The ID Card will feature the clients’ name and picture allowing specifically assigned members of EFC’s staff to quickly access savings account balance, loan account status, and repayment history in the system. ID Cards will increase the efficiency and business capacity of EFC and provide clients with enhanced security by restricting access to financial information.

EFC’s ID Card is made up of both a microchip and a magnetic band making it a versatile and flexible instrument. Furthermore, the microchip increases the security level of the card through an encryption process. The antifraud protection software used for these cards is as advanced as the ones used in well-known international banks. Soon, the magnetic band could easily grant clients access to transactions through ATMs and debit card systems in equipped commercial establishments. Here are only a few of the solutions germinating at EFC.

EFC’s aim is to offer professional affordable services and to distinguish themselves from competitors by means of cutting-edge technology and products. EFC stays focused on its objective, which is “To respond to today’s clientele financial needs with tomorrow’s solutions.”